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Course Virtual Event Architect Starting October 12, 2020

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Join our 8-week course covering everything you need to know to transfer your event planning skills into the virtual space.

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Everything you need to become a successful Virtual Event Architect

  • Live 8-week course with flexible on-demand replays
  • Expert coaching, teaching, and mentoring
  • Virtual event organizer community access
  • Peer to peer masterminds
  • Two free one-off events on the HeySummit platform
  • 40% off annual Business Plan on course completion
  • Training guides, checklists, assets, and SOPs
  • Live content and video resource vault
  • You'll learn how to plan and execute a successful virtual event from our assembled collective of experts and the HeySummit team.


    You know your way around an in-person event with your eyes shut - get comfortable doing the same with a virtual event. The content-led approach that makes virtual events successful requires a systematic process of planning. Through this course, you’ll create your Virtual Event Planning Arch including:

    • Virtual and hybrid event consultation procedures
    • Content-led planning, including your critical task list
    • Speaker onboarding flow
    • Content design and attendee activation and engagement


    One of the most overwhelming aspects of creating a virtual event is the sheer volume of choice when it comes to the tools you can use. Through this course, you’ll learn how to choose the best tools to promote your event, deliver your content, and maximize engagement by:

    • Getting comfortable with tool and platform comparison and selection
    • Developing your own testing methodology
    • Gaining confidence with setting up and troubleshooting integrations and configurations
    • Identifying key resources for support


    From your sponsors to exhibitors, your speakers to affiliates, confidently create engaging experiences that provide value and impact by:

    • Designing delightful and engaging attendee experiences and agendas
    • Creating your SOPs for speaker management in a virtual environment
    • Leveraging warm networks with affiliate programs
    • Utilizing virtual platforms for sponsorship opportunities

    Post Event Strategies

    Move beyond one-off, one-time events that miss out on opportunities to create communities, foster ongoing relationships, and maximize ongoing revenue streams through:

    • Optimizing for replays and on-demand
    • Strategizing to deliver your content to new segments
    • Leverage your virtual platforms to create ongoing engaged communities

    Not sure if this course is right for you?

    This course is designed to cover every aspect of creating an online virtual event. From start to finish, we will show you how you can take the skills you already have to plan, promote, and execute highly successful virtual events.

    You’re perfect for this course if you are an in-person event organizer looking to upskill to virtual and hybrid events. This course is also designed for those looking to sell summits as a service and for in-house event organizers looking to sharpen their skills.

    Virtual Event Architect + HeySummit Scholarship

    We want to make sure that you have every opportunity to reach your potential. If you are interested in the course but don’t currently have the funds to purchase, reach out to us and let us know. We want to help!

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